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R/C Raceway
The Track is now open for practice Mon.-Sat.,  we try to do races on Sunday at 6:00 PM,  we need more racers to show some support for the local track.
No need to have a $3000 truck to come out,  and you dont have to be a pro,  if you can make it around the track,  you can probably do pretty good out here.  We are not pro's out here,  its just for  fun.
The track is hardpack clay, and is wet for races.
Electricity will be available, but plan for the worst and bring your D/C chargers.
This is a simple track with simple rules, we dont feel the need to conform to the standard r/c race rules, such as the 4 and 5 minute races. We use a set # of laps, like other forms of racing.  T-maxx's are generally in their own class if enough people bring them, but we run anything you have against anything we can get on the track.  So if you think you have the baddest r/c car/truck around,  bring it on out.
We run electric and gas,  we run them separate or together, doesnt matter.