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Project Brushless E-Maxx
    For months I have been hearing the rumors of these brushless motors doing incredible feats in R/C cars, all with no maintanance.  So, of course I was curious , so the search began for one.  I looked all over the web trying to find any info on what motor to get, speed control, etc. because it was greek to me having never had any experience with these motors.  Then I ran across the ModelTech site, I was impressed.  Then I tried to order,  after a few days with no luck, I tried to find a U.S dealer that sold the ModelTech set up, also with no luck. Then on the MaxxTraxx forum, I found the Hacker B50-8s and schulze 58ce controller were VERY "similar" to the modeltech set up, and later discovered ModelTech does run the Hacker Motors.  So I was then searching for the Hacker motors and I found a link someone recomended, it was Fullers Fast Electrics.
    First I ordered a Jeti Master Hacker speed control and the B50-8s.  In 3 days it was at my door.  This is suposed to be the same power Modeltech has been raving about so I couldnt wait to give it a try.  It was a race to rip the stock motors and ESC out and get this new one in. I put two matched 6 cell packs on charge while I worked. I relocated the reciever to the rear of the chassis, and put the ESC up front with the motor to keep things a bit cooler.  It was time to set the ESC.  I set it with no problems, disabled the brake, because its not proportional, so it would be a bit harsh on the transmission if accidentally put on at high speeds.
The Perfect Truck for the job........
    Testing time. I went to a pretty open area, grass and nice and smooth.  I rolled into the power slowly, just to see the speed. After reaching 25mph, at my best estimate I floored it. This thing had such brutal power it violently flipped over backwards and began cartwheeling. Wow,  this thing is fast now. I gotta try it again and see the top speed on this thing. I get going the other direction, while doing a 30+mph power wheelie my radio loses contact. Full throttle into a brick structure. Pretty nasty. Bent alloy skid, 2 broke bulkheads.  I was still gitty from the power so I didnt care.

    The power of the 8s was good, the Jeti controller left a bit to be desired. But I must say Ray Fuller warned me against it. So I ordered the schulze 88ce and the B50-7s, yup even more power.
    I just installed the schulze 88ce and 7s, and wow, its a huge difference. The controller has perfect brakes, and I just found out it has reverse. The 7s was 1st ran on 6 cells. Wasnt too impressive. Then 8 cells, now that got fun. So I decided to run two 8 cell packs in parallel. Huge difference.  Awesome run times, and mega power.  The 8s would out run .21 SuperMaxxs and this one is even faster.  The brushed motors do not even begin to compare with the brushless,  these are simply insane.
I highly recomend the Schulze 88ce, and your choice of the 8s and 7s Hacker.  And for you guys that want to run 12 cells like stock, I recomend the Hacker 7XL. A serious torque monster, with still 35+mph.
1st gear jump
out the corner
both videos are of the single Hacker 7s, with 13/72 gearing.